Unf*ckwithable Confidence

A Red Hot New Sales Training for People Who Are Trembly and Terror-Stricken at the Idea of Getting On the Phone With a Prospective Client and Having to Ask Them to Actually BUY | Taught By Ash Ambirge
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Ash Ambirge
Ash Ambirge
Businesswoman. Sales addict. Professional copywriter. Smartass. Creator, The Middle Finger Project®—for babes with balls.

About the instructor

Sales expert, professional persuasion linguist and online business woman Ash Ambirge has created a red-hot new audio course designed to give you the confidence you need to get on the phone with prospect clients and NAIL IT. Inside, Ash walks you step-by-step through a variety of different scenarios, teaching you how to lead the sales conversation like a pro, respond to hard questions (like the folks who just want to know how much it costs) and get the self-assurance you need to ask for the money, close the deal, and get the gig—with eloquence, grace, ease and class. (And maybe even enjoy the process!)

"Just puhleezze buy it...don't make me ask!!"

It's what most people are thinking when they have to "hop on the phone" with a prospective client, TERRIFIED of the conversation that's about to happen next (in all its sweaty, panic-attack, heart-pounding glory.)

You stare at the phone knowing you have to do it ("just be a professional," you tell yourself, as you practically vomit up caesar salad) while your stomach turns itself inside out. You know once you get on, you'll spend the entire time waiting for the inevitable question you won't know how to answer—and, of course, the #1 most dreaded question of all: How much? 

Then there's small talk that ensues while you feel like a school girl, and the comments that inevitably come thereafter, once you finally work up the nerve to state your rates: "I didn't think this would cost so much," or, "Is there any flexibility with your pricing?" Then, as one final kick to the gut, the prospect tells you that they "need time to digest," and that they "want to think it over" and "will get back to you soon," leaving you stammering and stuttering into the mouthpiece. At best case scenario, you'll muster out a soft and polite, "Okay, sounds good," and then you'll hang up, not knowing what you did wrong. (And being all the more broke for it.)

The bad news? These conversations do not come naturally to ANYONE.

The good news? We're going to fix that for you, forever.

In this 90 minute, 15-part audio training, you'll walk with me, step-by-step, scenario-by-scenario, just like we were sitting down for an hour and a half in-person, and I'll teach you how to use my most favorite, eloquent, powerful, self-assured, calm, confident, easy-going responses, redirects and transitions to help you lead these kinds of conversations like a pro—and answer hard sales questions with professionalism and grace. 

And the better news? Once you learn this, you'll never have to learn it again—and you'll never have to feel nauseated, hate life, and/or dread selling yourself over the phone again.

Course Contents

15 Audios
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1.5 hrs